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In 2013, Mr. Rodrigo graduated from Instituto Canzion with honors. Since then, he has been a worship leader and director of Hosanna Houston. Specializing in music, media, and athletic coaching, Mr. Rodrigo plays a big role in our CFCBA family.

Sonia Jimenez has been apart of the CFCBA family for 13 years teaching in the fields of Art, Science, and Spanish. She is certified in Child Development and early education as well as being Lead Teacher certified by the Council of Professional Recognition. 

"This is my thirteenth year at CFCBA and each year is better than the last! I am native from Argentina, and I am very proud to teach my language and latin culture to your child. My goal is to open a wide door to the world and be apart of their bilingual education."

Rodrigo Céspedes  

- Music Teacher

- Worship Shop

-  Assistant Coach

- Science Teacher

Luis Corona

Vilma Salinas

Sonia Jimenez

- Spanish Teacher

- Art Teacher

​- Science Teacher

At CFC Bilingual Academy, we offer many opportunities in Athletics and Fine Arts. Our Physical Education instructor teaches students the basics of many sports such as soccer, basketball, football, baseball, track & field, as well as prepare them for competitions. Students are able to participate in Art class, Music Class, Science, and Spanish class. Also, students can participate in Theater and be apart of big musical productions here at CFCBA.

Mrs. V started her teaching career in 2004 at Southwest Christian Academy. In 2014, she became an ACE supervisor and joined the CFCBA family. Ms. V also specializes in the fields of Bible, drama, and theater.

Athletics/Fine Arts

Mr. Luis has been apart of ministry at Hosanna Houston for 6 years. He has served in music and helps out in missionary trips. He has trained in the sports of basketball and soccer. He also studies countlessly in science in order to give students a better understanding in the fields of science.  


Home of the Eagles

- K-12th Supervisor

- Theater Teacher

​CFC Bilingual Academy 

- Music Teacher

- Worship Shop

-  5th - 12th PE/ACE Coach

- ACE Junior Convention Assistant Coordinator