Tuition is payable in 9 monthly installments. Tuition is due on or before the sixth day of each month, beginning in September and ending in May.

Kinder Program                                      7:45 am -3:00 pm                   $480.00 ea

1st –2nd Level Readers                         7:45 am -3:00 pm                   $480.00 ea

3rd  –  5th  Level                                    7:45 am -3:00 pm                   $480.00 ea

6th - 10th Level                                      7:45 am -3:00 pm                   $480.00 ea


Registration Fees:  

Registration Fee:           

 $150.00*/ Family Registration Fee: $225.00*

20% Discount on 2nd child’s Tuition (lesser amount)

Book Fee KINDER-1st: 

$175.00*  Due August 6th    

Book Fee 2nd

$240.00*  Due August 6th

Book Fee 3rd-4th    

$255.00 + $40.00 Spanish PACES Due August 6th  


$275.00*  + $40.00 Spanish PACES Due August 6th   

7th - 10th Grade:

$336.00* Due August 6th

IOWA Assessment  Test:

$35.00  (1st-10th Level) Due February 28th, 2020

Repeat Paces:

$6.00 each

Supply list will be required by grade

Kinder - 12th Grade Tuition 

Registration Fees:         

- Family Registration Fee:$30.00 (2 or more children)

- Registration Fee:$20.00

Registration Fees and monthly tuition fees are non-refundable.

Extended Day: (3:00 pm – 5:30 pm) 
- 5 Day (Mon-Fri)      $180.00 Monthly
- Drop in Rate, depending on availability    $20.00 Daily

Students must be registered in the Extended Day Program in advance.
Students must bring snacks and drinks.

*These fees are payable in advance at the beginning of the month with Tuition Fees

Please notify the site if an unexpected delay will keep you from picking up your child by5:30 PM.We allow for a10 minute grace period.  A  $1.00 per minute late feewill be charged for children not picked up by the5:40 PM closing.  We use our school clock for the time. If a child has not been picked up 1 hour after the closing time and we have not heard from the parents, the director must call Children’s Protective Services.


HELP 2813402400

Extended Day Program K-12th Grade

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